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57. SMG Forum
SMG Forum

Tuesday, 2 November 2021
11.30 am - 6.30 pm,
AURA Event-Location, Zurich

«The image of the fearless hero is misleading.
He is a product of the imagination. A hero who has no fear needs no courage. Fear is a constant companion. People who push boundaries never live for long without fear. Fear is the other half of courage.» Reinhold Messner

Entrepreneurs do not suffer from a lack of challenges at present.

The geopolitical climate is not cooling and the debate on climate change is becoming ever more heated. Protectionist tendencies are added to the mix. Advancing technology and disruptive business models are impacting the economy.
Is there a risk of our actions being dictated by a climate of fear?
That would be fatal – successful entrepreneurship is inspired by risk-taking, visionary thinking and responsible action. The question remains: can't a degree of fear also have a positive effect? On occasion, it has the power to paralyse, but it also sharpens our senses, inspires the mind and makes life more secure, as it did for our forebears.
How is it that fear spurs some people on to the highest performance, as in the case of Reinhold Messner, and freezes others to the spot?
With knowledge and the right balance of courage and fear, we take on strength.

At the 57th SMG Forum, we will discuss this balance and how it is used positively with eminent people from Switzerland and abroad.


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